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The Challenge In 2021 the used cars were in high demand, but for consumers, it was hard to know whether…

The Challenge

In 2021 the used cars were in high demand, but for consumers, it was hard to know whether the vehicles were good quality…

Enter SPOTiCAR, the approved used-car business. The new brand brought together all pre-owned motors, from the industry’s biggest players Vauxhall, PSA and FCA. Their aim, to simplify the journey for private and business customers, bringing together all approved used vehicles in one place, to remove the pain from purchasing.

As a new launch, SPOTiCAR needed to get their name out there, to be seen as the go-to destination for buying a used car. Bauer’s Autoventure were just the people for the job.

This campaign showed great TOP OF FUNNEL IMPACT, meeting the following objectives:

  • Get all approved used car intenders to see SPOTiCAR as the go-to destination for buying a vehicle.
  • Ensure SPOTiCAR is perceived as a trusted brand for customers.

The idea

Autoventure’s team of experts uncovered that Bauer was the home of Auto-Intenders:

  • 86% of Bauer’s audience were looking to buy in the next two+ years. With Absolute Radio indexing highest.
  • Nearly half of this group didn’t know whether to buy new or used.
  • Bauer’s site Parkers was the most visited UK automotive Review site and CAR was the 3rd most visited recreation site.


To get everyone talking about SPOTiCAR, Bauer placed the car retailer at the centre of key drive times, from the No Repeat Guarantee on Absolute Radio to KISSTORY Festival.


Driven by Absolute Radio’s resident petrol head, Leona Graham, SPOTiCAR became the official sponsor of the mid-morning show and the iconic No Repeat Guarantee. The brand’s launch message functioned as an enabler for listeners to influence the playlist and WIN. SPOTiCAR brought the good vibes with a ‘Driving Songs’ playlist, featured on Absolute Classic Rock and the app.

This was supported on social with a variety of short-form video content, which even saw Leona on-site at SPOTiCAR, trying her hand at selling cars. Throughout the campaign the passionate Leona candidly discussed the brand, to build trust amongst audiences.


To get SPOTiCAR seen by the right people at the right time, the campaign saw sponsorship of drivetime during the iconic KISSTORY festival, alongside hero takeovers across Parkers and Car magazine and unmissable giveaways on KISS FM. Not to mention, ‘Auto-Intenders’ targeting on Octave, our digital ad provider, which enabled invaluable data capturing.



growth in awareness


increase in consideration


increase in brand trust